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Wastewater Treatment Solutions

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FreshAWL Wastewater Treatment Solutions
FreshAWL® wastewater treatment solutions are developed from a unique blend of chemistries that eliminate the availability of sulfur compounds to waste eating bacteria, thereby preventing the formation of H2S or mercaptans. Some FreshAWL solutions prevent the attraction and bonding of fat molecules while other prevent the mineral buildup.

Wastewater treatment plants face constant waste treatment challenges, such as buildup of solids, sludge and/or organic matter, odor control, FOG buildup, or reduced  performance due to corrosion and scaling.

FreshAWL manufactures environmentally safe and effective solutions for these challenges while maintaining desirable levels of BOD and CODs:

Aerobic Odor Control

Anaerobic Odor Control

Biosolids & Algae Control

Fats, Oils and Grease (FOGs)


Pond Sludge Reduction

Struvite, Vivianite & Calcium carbonate

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