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Aerobic Wastewater Odor Control


Infusion of FreshAWL WOW-Air via peristaltic pump drip
Manufactured according to the EPA's standards for DfE, FreshAWL solutions are developed to the highest standards of environmental health and safety. And while they are safe, they are by no means mild.

The powerfully safe organic chemistry of FreshAWL® WOW-Air™ prevents anaerobic and aerobic bacteria from being inhibited by hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and then allows them to flourish and undergo normal respiration. WOW-Air products effectively eliminate H2S, mercaptans and selenides that cause foul odors and system decay.

WOW-Air like all FreshAWL solutions has been tested in accordance with the Corrosivity to Steel (EPA 1110) test results and consistent with metals used in typical wastewater treatment system as a proven corrosion inhibitor that can be applied at any point in the treatment system.

To understand their ease-of-use, all FreshAWL solutions are non-toxic, require no special DOT or OSHA handling and do not need specialized training, storage or delivery equipment.

The following test was performed by by FreshAWL and the SFPUC:
Mel Leong WWTP - San Francisco
Sample # Baseline 1 2 3 4
Time 10:11 10:16 10:23 10:26 10:53
H2S ppm 18 9.4 10 5.5 0
The increase at 10:23 AM occurred with an alternate influent flow from the SFO airport. Results show an 18 ppm reduction in less than 45 minutes.

FreshAWL solutions contain no enzymes. WOW-Air is not toxic, caustic or harmful to humans, animals or the environment. In fact, it is organic and 100% biodegradable.

A single WOW-Air molecule can eliminate the odor from 8 molecules molecules of H2S in aqueous settings or up to 200 in gaseous settings. This allows the addition rate to be much less than other chemicals; which typically work on a 1:1 ratio of molecular attack.

WOW-Air works in aqueous and gaseous applications and is designed with the ability to be introduced at any point in a treatment system. They can be injected, dripped, fogged, sprayed, and shock dosed without the use of any special tanks, pumps, hoses, agitators, or other special equipment.

NOTE: FreshAWL solutions do not contain enzymes or surfactants and are not to be used in conjunction with Ferric chloride or Chlorine.

PRODUCT SAFETY — WOW-Air products are so safe that they are GRAS certified and are not regulated by OSHA or DOT as hazardous materials. While these products are  organic and 100% biodegradable, the Material Safety Data Sheets should be understood before use and may be downloaded from the top navigation bar > MSDS at:

WOW-Air products are safe, stable, non-corrosive, does not require special handling or training and is not subject to spikes due to temperature or loading factors.

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