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All FreshAWL products are environmentally-friendly, biodegradable and replace the need to use many hazardous chemicals. Several products are manufactured according to the EPA's standards for DfE. Through extensive research FreshAWL has developed unique chemical compounds designed to remove sulfurous molecules various waste applications that are typically available to waste eating bacteria.

These sulfur molecules and the bacteria that ingest them can be present in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions where their process of respiration causes them to produce foul smelling and potentially deadly emissions. FreshAWL solutions scavenge the sulfur, replacing it with oxygen thus eliminating the formation of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), mercaptans or selenides.

Other FreshAWL solutions are designed to prevent Fats, Oils and Grease (FOGs) from bonding whiles other prevent or deconstruct the bonding of scaling agents that form Struvite and Vivianite.

FreshAWL products are not regulated by the EPA as hazardous and are not subject to any special DOT handling requirements.

FreshAWL solutions have the following advantages over other methodologies:

  • Safety - FreshAWL solutions are GRAS certified, enzyme free, and non-toxic. They are synthesized from ingredients which are safe for use in food and food adjutants. These solutions are not hazardous materials, therefore not regulated under OSHA or DOT requirements accordingly and are GRAS certified.
  • Toxicity - Aquatic toxicity is very low, up to 5,000 ppm for juvenile rainbow trout.
  • Corrosion - FreshAWL solutions are corrosion inhibitors for wastewater treatment systems and equipment. They are proven corrosion inhibitors as tested in accordance with Corrosivity to Steel (EPA 1110).
  • Biodegradation - FreshAWL solutions are biodegradable with the residual being trace methane, carbon dioxide and water. This virtually prevents the formation of solids, salts producing EC (Electrical Conductivity) or nitrates.
  • Application – Can be fogged, injected, misted, pumped or dripped into any point of the treatment system and does not require special handling, pumps, hoses or equipment.
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