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Soiled Surface Cleaner and Degreaser


FreshAWL® GRIME-Killer™ is a unique mild cleaner and degreaser
FreshAWL®GRIME-Killer™ is a unique mild cleaner and degreaser that releases the electrostatic bonds of the dirt and oily materials from surfaces and equipment. GRIME-Killer suspends oil and dirt that cannot be dissolved such as soot, dirt, soil and stains. GRIME-Killer suspends the dirt so that it can be washed away from surfaces, equipment and fabrics.

Typical Applications for Use:

  • Low levels of concentration  ̶   (Parking garages, walkways and walls)  ̶  1:100, 1:500 power wash or scrub and rinse
  • Moderate levels of concentration(Floor cleaning)  ̶  1:4-1:8 power wash or scrub and rinse
  • High levels of concentration  ̶  Straight with hot water
  • Very High levels of concentration  ̶   Straight with hot water and is best heated

GRIME-Killer Method of Action:

  • GRIME-Killer changes the oxygen reduction potential of water so that dirt and surfaces repel each other.
  • GRIME-Killer is a penetrating solution which prevents redeposition.

Powerful FreshAWL GRIME-Killer safety features:

  • GRIME-Killer is organic and 100% biodegradable
  • Safe for employees to handle - safety glasses and gloves recommended for extended or concentrated use.
  • GRIME-Killer is a corrosion inhibitor, is not caustic and non-corrosive.
  • GRIME-Killer does not contain enzymes.
  • GRIME-Killer is not a hazardous material and therefore not regulated under OSHA or DOT requirements and is GRAS certified.
  • The MSDS sheet should be understood before use and may be downloaded at
  • Users should not assume that all safety measures are indicated.
  • All statements and claims herein are believed to be accurate but do not offer a guarantee, warranty or responsibility of any kind, expressed or implied.
  • This product is proprietary and copyrighted.
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