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Pond Sludge Reduction and Algae Control


Manufactured according to the EPA's standards for DfE, FreshAWL®WOW-Air S™works to penetrate the cellular walls of wastewater sludge that builds up in ponds and collection stations while controlling odor at the same time. This sludge penetration promotes the dewatering of the cellular contents and causes structural collapse. This product application is especially useful for what is known as “Spring Turnover.”

Sludge ponds that are subject to drastic temperature changes, undergo a process that results in a large amount of the bottom sludge rising to the surface. When this happens a condition called “caking” typically occurs. WOW-Air S will also reduce the cake. This cake will attract many insects. It will stick to and dry up on the pond borders.

Using WOW-Air S will result in a significant sludge volume reduction and conversion to a more silt-like consistency which makes for easy removal, no "cake" feeding for insects and no dry cake pond borders.

Whether there is a large collection of sludge on the pond bottom or it is necessary to move more sludge than anticipated, WOW-Air S is the solution.

NOTE: FreshAWL solutions do not contain enzymes or surfactants and are not to be used in conjunction with Ferric chloride or Chlorine.

PRODUCT SAFETY — WOW-Air products are so safe that they are GRAS certified and are not regulated by OSHA or DOT as hazardous materials. While these products are organic and 100% biodegradable, the Material Safety Data Sheets should be understood before use and may be downloaded from the top navigation bar > MSDS

WOW-Air products are safe, stable, non-corrosive, do not require special handling or training and are not subject to spikes due to temperature or loading factors.

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