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A Green Waste Treatment Solution for Pulp and Paper Mills

Pulp and Paper Mill Odor Elimination: One of the major environmental issues facing kraft pulp mills is odor produced by the kraft pulping process. Odor is a consequence of the use of sulphur compounds as cooking chemicals for the wood chips. These convert to reduced sulphur compounds. The four main reduced sulphur compounds, known collectively as TRS, have an unpleasant odor and can be detected by the human nose at very low levels.

Pulp Mill FreshAWL® MILL-FRESH™
MILL-FRESHis a unique treatment chemistry specifically designed to resolve the issues pulp and paper mills face concerning mercaptans, Non-Condensible Gases (NCGs), Total Reduced Sulfur (TRS), and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
Pulp and Mill Industry members are confronted daily with how to address Hydrogen sulfide H2S, mercaptans, and other obnoxious odors that must be managed with extra-ordinary measures.

Not only are these matters obnoxious but can even be deadly. Some mills are frequently confronted with outspoken protests by environmental groups, written up with bad press, and some face pollution fines.

MILL-FRESH eliminates most of these dangerous “elements” while transforming their chemistry into an environment that may be considered pleasing to the olfactory system. Your workforce, surrounding neighbors, and the environment will appreciate the freshness of MILL-FRESH in your system.

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Elimination of TRS, VOCs, and Methyl mercaptan:
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FreshAWL™ Mill-Fresh™ for cleaner greener pulp and paper mills.
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