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Latex Paint and Gum Remover


Latex Paint Remover
Gum Remover
FreshAWL® Release™ cleans brushes (natural or synthetic), rollers, pans and other painting equipment, including hands, of cured and uncured latex paint or gum based substances.

Release dissolves the bond of these substances which adhere to painting tools and skin. After sitting for a short while, a clean rinse will leave brushes and rollers clean and soft for re-use.

SAFETY – Release is GRAS certified, enzyme free, non-flammable, has low-toxicity and does not require any special handling requirements under the guidelines established by OSHA or DOT.

Release is biodegradable and environmentally friendly which means it can be washed down drains.

Product Use for Water Soluble Latex Paints:

  • Pre-rinse item(s) to be cleaned.
  • Work in enough Release to coat area to be cleaned with a brush or by hand.
  • Items may soak in a mixture of one (1) part Release to four (4) parts water for 5-10 minutes then rinsed.
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