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Personal Waste Treatment Solutions — FreshAWL® Osto-Mate™

Personal Waste Treatment Solutions — FreshAWL® Osto-Mate™ is an ostomy bag deodorizer and sanitizer created to help people eliminate odors associated with an ostomy; which refers to the surgically created opening in the body for the discharge of body wastes.

The use of ostomy bags can produce unpleasant and embarrassing odors.

These odors are often comprised of ammonia, mercaptans, amines and skatole that are generated from urine and feces. Most colostomy bag remedies will cover up strong odors with masking agents, like perfumes, pollute the air with chemicals and often times result with even more offensive smells.

FreshAWL provides earth conscious waste treatment solutions for a cleaner greener planet. Using the same compounds that were developed to eliminate odors for waste water treatment plants, Osto-Mate has been designed for complete odor elimination at its source and at the personal level for Ostomates, Ileostomates and Urostomates.

Osto-Mate provides:

  • Immediate Odor Control — Osto-Mate bonds with sulfur compounds, absorbing them so that noxious odors no longer exist in colostomy bags.
  • Odor Free Bag Dumping (no embarrassing odor release) — 1-2 puffs in a bag will last from puff to flush. Unlike other products that require multiple applications, Osto-Mate continues to work even when the pouch is emptied into the toilet preventing bathroom embarrassment.
  • Hassle Free Use — Osto-Mate is an environmentally safe compound (also good for air-travel); similar to a body powder without the risk of a leaky/spilled liquid.
  • Great Value — 6 oz. of Osto-Mate provides 48 ea. 1-puff applications. One generous puff is sufficient if bags are normally emptied when 1/2 to 1/3 full.
  • A Comfortable Package — sturdy but flexible recyclable plastic squeeze bottle with one-finger flip-top lid makes it easy to use at home, on the job, or on the go.
  • Safety — Osto-Mate is environmentally friendly and has no harmful chemicals or blue cloth staining dyes.
  • Pleasant and Powerful Support— Osto-Mate is designed to work for both solid and liquid wastes.  It has a pleasant subtle vanilla scent and works to stop harmful odor causing bacteria from growing.

Anaerobic (without air) bacteria use sulfate compounds for respiration instead of oxygen. The waste products of anaerobic bacteria are hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and mercaptans that are strong enough to permeate an entire community. In some cases these H2S odor levels can reach concentrations strong enough to cause injury or death.

Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs) receive millions of gallons of wastewater from toilets, sinks, showers, restaurants, launder-mats, and other sources every day.  FreshAWL treats these odors with similar products that have the same odor elimination characteristics to those found in Osto-Mate.

Osto-Mate inhibits the activity of pathenogenic bacteria such as e-coli and salmonella while eliminating odors at their source. Osto-Mate is environmentally friendly and safe for plants, animals and fish. It has no enzymes or emulsifiers nor are there harmful downstream effects when released in the toilet.

Osto-Mate is now re-designed to work for both solid and liquid wastes. It has a more pleasant suble vanilla scent and works to stop harmful odor causing bacteria from growing!

FreshAWL Osto-Mate ostomy bag deodorizer and sanitizer!
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FreshAWL® Osto-Mate™
$22.00 ea
PLUS Osto-Mate requires no mixing or measuring, has an unlimited shelf life, and continues to work from the time you puff it until the moment you flush it! 
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