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Fuel Mercaptan Removal


FreshAWL® FUEL-WASH™ is the chemistry solution for removing mercaptans from RSH (Mercaptans) Kerosene
FreshAWL®FUEL-WASH™ is the chemistry solution for removing mercaptans from RSH (Mercaptans) Kerosene solutions to yield reusable kerosene along while recovering the contained elemental sulfur. FUEL-WASH will consistently achieve better than 90% mercaptan removal.

FreshAWL lab tests have proven that mercaptan laden fuel treated with FUEL-WASH under specific processes finishes the mercaptan removal process by forming a sulfur polymer that congeals into a separate layer in the right conditions. 

Some of the H2S - mercaptan removal is due to selective volatilization, where the kerosene layer remains intact and the mercaptans leave the mix as gas. 

One of FUEL-WASH processes results in the recovery of a special third layer which is congealed and amber in color, and concentrations of reactants saturate the FUEL-WASH causing a salting out of some of the reacted sulfur polymer-like residue. Independent analysis of this layer of sulfur yields a concentration of 1,900 ppm.

Considering the weight and contamination level of the contaminated solution (500 ppm), this correlates to (between 35 and 60 percent) or 35-60% of the mercaptan present. Odor levels on the reacted FUEL-WASH suggest that any mercaptan that has been reacted continues on to this polymer-like material. This sulfur-gel material can be soluble or less than soluble in the water layer, depending on temperature and concentration.

FUEL-WASH is able to achieve a 65-90% reduction in H2S and mercaptans and yield recoverable sulfur.

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