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Hospital Cleaner and Disinfectant


FreshAWL MEDIQUAT kill micro-organisms on contact.
Hospital disinfecting with FreshAWL MEDIQUAT
FreshAWL® MEDIQUAT™ is a powerful multi-action, EPA-registered, hospital-grade, broad-spectrum disinfectant, sterilizer, cleaner and deodorizer.  It is a superior bactericide, virucide, fungicide, algaecide and mildewcide that cleans, disinfects and deodorizes in one simple operation.
  • FRESHAWL MEDIQUAT effectively kills pathogenic microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold (including spores). It meets required standards for decontaminating blood and body fluids from surfaces.
  • FRESHAWL MEDIQUAT has two separate quaternary compounds that kill a wider range of microorganisms than a typical single action quaternary product. Quaternary disinfectants work by disrupting the cell structure of microorganisms.
  • FRESHAWL MEDIQUAT reaches maximum efficiency within 10 minutes of application and continues to kill pathogens for up to 48 hours after application if allowed to dry on.
  • FRESHAWL MEDIQUAT does not contain phosphates and there are no special handling requirements at use levels.
  • FRESHAWL MEDIQUAT is formulated for use in environments that are likely to have high pathogen transmission rates such as hospitals, veterinary clinics, schools, restaurants, fitness centers, athletic facilities, convention facilities, hotels, and cruise ships. It is a powerful anti-microbial disinfectant and detergent that may be used by florists (storage, shipping, greenhouses), and in animal farming operations such as poultry, equine and swine containment premises. 

NOTE: Since the effectiveness of all sanitizing is largely dependent on a surface being “Pre-cleaned", FreshAWL GREASE-Free™ is a compatible product designed for that first time - or especially dirty, greasy job.

Disinfecting and sanitization applications

  • FRESHAWL MEDIQUAT contains a cleaning compound that also absorbs unpleasant odors so that a simple one-step application will disinfect, clean and deodorize with a clean pleasant fragrance.
  • FRESHAWL MEDIQUAT contains penetrating agents that allow the solution to seep into surface cracks, pores and fissures and attack pathogenic organisms that other products cannot reach.

Mold and mildew treatment and prevention

  • FRESHAWL MEDIQUAT is effective in killing and preventing mold and fungi (including spores) in high-humidity environments.
  • FRESHAWL MEDIQUAT is a powerful mold prevention and elimination treatment for most common mold infestations that result from exposure to humidity or from water damage.
  • FRESHAWL MEDIQUAT effectively remediates mold and fungus infestations in structural wood components, carpets, and other porous and nonporous surfaces for property restoration projects.


  1. Disinfecting, sanitizing and cleaning surfaces; FRESHAWL MEDIQUAT is applied by spraying and wiping on for cleaning, rinsing off, and then liberally spraying/wiping on again to allow it to dry for disinfection purposes. FRESHAWL MEDIQUAT is typically available in concentrate form, which must be diluted at the rate of 2 oz. per gallon of water.
  2. Mold and mildew treatment; FRESHAWL MEDIQUAT should be sprayed onto all affected areas with the use of a Hudson Sprayer (or similar applicator) until the surfaces are saturated with the solution, and then let dry with as much ventilation as possible.  For effective odor control we also recommend spraying a 1:5 dilution of WOW-Air B28™ on the affected surfaces at least 15 minutes after the FRESHAWL MEDIQUAT application.
  3. For mold and mildew remediation; FRESHAWL MEDIQUAT may be diluted up to 8 oz. per gallon of water and applied with a Hudson Sprayer.

FreshAWL MEDIQUAT Additional Use Applications (Click to download .pdf)

(Not Applicable for Use in California)

I.     Directions for Hatchery Rooms Using Fogging Devices: Remove all animals and feed from premises, vehicles and enclosures. Remove all litter and manure from floors, walls and surfaces of the room to be treated. Empty all troughs, racks and other feeding and watering appliances. Close room off so fog is confined to room to be treated. Wear a dust mist respirator when mixing the use-solution and pouring it into the fogging apparatus. Mix two parts of FreshAWL MEDIQUAT to five parts water (2 gallons of FreshAWL MEDIQUAT to 5 gallons water). Insert the nozzle of the fogger through a suitable opening into the room. With the setting in maximum output, fog for one minute for each 4000 cubic feet of space in the room. When fogging is completed, ventilate buildings and other closed spaces. Do not house livestock or employ equipment until treatment has been absorbed or dried. Thoroughly clean all surfaces with soap or detergent and rinse with water.

II.    Directions for Incubators and Hatchers using Fogging Devices: Wear a dust mist respirator when mixing the use-solution and pouring it into the fogging apparatus. Mix 24 ounces of FreshAWL MEDIQUAT to 244 ounces of water. Fog 3-8 ounces of this into setters and hatchers immediately after transfer. Repeat daily in setters and every 12 hours in hatchers. Discontinue hatcher treatments at least 24 hours prior to pulling the hatch. Do not allow people to contact or breathe this fog and do not enter until the fog has settled (30-60 minutes after fogging is completed). It is acceptable to fog setters and hatchers with a 2 ounce per gallon solution of FreshAWL MEDIQUAT on an hourly or every other hour basis. If this is done, fog for 30-90 seconds once per hour or once every two hours. Thoroughly scrub all treated feed racks, mangers, troughs, automatic feeders, fountains and waterers with soap or detergent, and rinse with potable water before reuse.

NOTE: The fog generated is irritating to the eyes, skin and mucous membranes. Under no circumstances should a room or building be entered by anyone within two hours of the actual fogging and a minimum of 4 air exchanges (ACH) per hour in the facility. If the building must be entered, then the individuals entering the building must wear a self-contained respirator approved by NIOSH/MSHA, goggles, long sleeves and long pants.


III.   WATER AND SMOKE DAMAGE RESTORATION AGAINST ODOR-CAUSING BACTERIA AND FUNGI FOR INSTITUTIONAL, INDUSTRIAL AND HOSPITAL USE: FreshAWL MEDIQUAT is particularly suitable for use in water damage restoration situations against odor causing bacteria on the following porous and semi-porous materials: carpets, carpet cushion, sub floors, drywall, trim, and frame lumber, tackless strip and paneling. Mix 2 ounces of (this product or product name) per gallon of water, saturate affected materials with enough use-solution to remain wet for at least 10 minutes. Use proper ventilation.

  1. Sewer backup & river flooding: During mitigation procedures, dilute 2 to 4 ounces of (this product or product name) per gallon of water allowing for the diluting effect of absorbed water within saturated materials. Remove gross filth or heavy soil along with non-salvageable materials. Saturate all affected areas with a sprayer using a coarse spray tip, before and after cleaning and extraction.
  2. Carpets, carpet cushions and other porous materials such as sub floors, drywall, trim and frame lumber, tackless strip and paneling: For water damage from a clean water source, extract excess water. Test hidden area for colorfastness. Mix 2 to 4 ounces of FreshAWL MEDIQUAT per gallon of water, allowing for the diluting effect of absorbed water within saturated materials. Remove gross filth or heavy soil. Apply directly with a sprayer using a coarse spray tip, to fully saturate affected materials.  Roll, brush or agitate into materials and allow the materials to remain damp for 10 minutes. Follow with a thorough extraction. Dry rapidly and thoroughly.
  3. Special Instructions for Cleaning Carpet Against Odor Causing Bacteria: FreshAWL MEDIQUAT may be used in industrial and institutional areas: motels and hotels, nursing homes, schools and hospitals. For use on wet cleanable synthetic fibers, do not use on wool. Vacuum carpet thoroughly prior to cleaning. Test fabric for colorfastness.
  4. For portable extraction units: Mix 2 ounces of FreshAWL MEDIQUAT per gallon of water.
  5. For truck mounted extraction machines: Mix 48 ounces of FreshAWL MEDIQUAT per gallon of water and meter at 4 gallons per hour.
  6. For rotary floor machines: Mix 4 ounces of FreshAWL MEDIQUAT per gallon of water and apply at the rate of 300-500 sq. ft. per gallon.

Do not mix FreshAWL MEDIQUAT with other cleaning products. Follow the cleaning procedures specified by the manufacturer of the cleaning equipment. After using this product, set the carpet pile and protect the carpet from furniture legs and bases while drying. Do not over wet. If applied to stain resistant nylon carpet, apply a fabric protector according to the carpet manufacturer’s directions.

Handling and Stability

  • When applying use latex or butyl gloves and use in a well ventilated area.
  • When applied as recommended, FRESHAWL MEDIQUAT is safe to use on a wide variety of surfaces such as floors, stainless steel, tiles, shower stalls, and plastic and metal, and it will not dull or damage surfaces. However, soaking metals in FRESHAWL MEDIQUAT for extended periods is not recommended. 

EPA registration: 1839-95-AA-89462

Product Specifications

Boiling Point: 220F, Specific Gravity 1.0, pH 10-10.5, Blue Foamy Solution, Soluble in water, slow evaporation rate.

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