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Engine and Surface degreaser


FreshAWL® GREASE-Free™ is an orange extract based degreaser and cleaner
FreshAWL®GRIME-Killer™ is an orange extract based degreaser and cleaner built for oil and grease contaminated surfaces. This multi-purpose formulation is used to remove soils such as oils, tar, grease, crayon, lipstick, and rubber tire marks which are normally removed by high pH cleaners or dangerous solvents.

Typical Applications for Use:

  • Low levels of concentration  ̶   (Fresh oil and gas spills, general purpose floor cleaning, and may be added to power floor cleaning machines)  ̶  1:200
  • Moderate levels of concentration(Power wash or pump through on equipment, tanks, pipes, engines, transmissions processing equipment and exterior surfaces)  ̶  1:10 to 1:100
  • High levels of concentration  ̶  (Tar conditions, heavy grease, petroleum adjuncts) ̶  1:3 with hot water
  • Very High levels of and concentration  ̶   Straight let sit for 10-30 minutes

GRIME-Killer Method of Action:

  • GRIME-Killer dissolves and suspends oil, tar and grease so that they may be removed from surface and prevents redeposition.
  • GRIME-Killer is a penetrating solution built with detergents and solvents to release soils, grease and oils that are deeply embedded in surfaces.

Powerful FreshAWL GRIME-Killer safety features:

  • GRIME-Killer is organic and 100% biodegradable
  • Safe for employees to handle - safety glasses and gloves recommended for extended or concentrated use.
  • GRIME-Killer is a corrosion inhibitor, is not caustic and non-corrosive.
  • GRIME-Killer does not contain enzymes.
  • GRIME-Killer is not a hazardous material and therefore not regulated under OSHA or DOT requirements and is GRAS certified.
  • The MSDS sheet should be understood before use and may be downloaded at
  • Users should not assume that all safety measures are indicated.
  • All statements and claims herein are believed to be accurate but do not offer a guarantee, warranty or responsibility of any kind, expressed or implied.
  • This product is proprietary and copyrighted.
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