FreshAWL® WOW-Air™ and Z-FOG™ eliminate hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, and foul odors. Earth conscious waste treatment solutions for a cleaner greener planet!
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Eliminate Hydrogen sulfide and sulfur odor with safe and green FreshAWL for waste treatment by Septic Haulers, Portable Toilet Sanitation Firms, and Wastewater Treatment Plants.

FreshAWL solutions will enable you to knock out foul odors along with Hydrogen sulfide removal and elimination. Our solutions are proven safer, more effective, and easier to use than currently available odor control products.

Septic Haulers

Costly procedure breakdowns due to slow pumping, fat clogs, or comeback requests due to foul pump motor odor chasing away a clients customers can severely reduce your profits.

Our septic hauler clients are able to increase their profits because they use oil soluble FreshAWL Z-FOG™

Z-FOG as it name suggests, works to provide Zero problems with Fats, Oils, and Greases (FOGs).

It disrupts fat from collecting and prevents the formation of grease-logs and caking. Z-FOG also behaves as a Eutectic Cloud Point Reducer so that each of the FOG elements stay more liquid and do not stick to system walls, pipes, lift stations, or grease interceptors.

Z-FOG eliminates odors to make loading and dumping of septic loads far less dangerous and repulsive, almost pleasant. Your clients and their neighbors will love the fact that while pumping your waste loads, odors (normally awful) are almost non-existent.

The municipalities receiving your septic loads won’t groan and worry about the addition of odor causing waste to their systems. In fact, wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) also use our water soluble FreshAWL® WOW-Air™ to control odors, Hydrogen sulfide, and mercaptans in aerobic conditions or FreshAWL® WOW-Air B™ for anerobic conditions.

Z-FOGis oil soluble and liquefies lard-like hardened grease interceptor waste, making it easy and quick to pump, while eliminating foul odors because:
  • Z-FOG prevents grease interceptor wall buildup due to its ability to liquefy FOGs preventing the walls from becoming caked with waste;
  • Z-FOG prevents formation of “grease logs” as well as grease interceptor and baffle clogging;
  • Z-FOG prevents odor leakage that otherwise could result in lingering foul odors and an unpleasant reputation for you, the hauler at your customer pump sites;
  • Since Z-FOG deodorizes grease interceptors and their contents as well as the pump tanks on your trucks, future servicing will result in a marked decrease in associated ambient odor and greater success in cleaning;
  • Adding Z-FOG to spent-fats, oils, and grease will keep them more liquid and prevent the smell associated with old rancid oils; and
  • If spent oils are to be used for Bio-diesel they can be deodorized with Z-FOG, without concern for fuel value, because Z-FOG burns as well as diesel and does not create residual ash.

Portable Toilet Sanitation Firms

This is a job for the strong at heart, or the weak of smell.

Portable toilets, we've all used them at parks, sporting events, construction sites, while camping, and at music events.

Great sanitation companies take pride in keeping many businesses in business and letting the public do their business when and where the need arises.

One such sanitation company has this sign posted in their office,

 “We’re number one at taking care of number 2.”

WOW-Air provides Sanitation Companies with a water soluble product solution that makes their sewage business safer, more efficient, more profitable, and better able to win the battle against number one and two because:

  • WOW-Air deodorizes waste holding tanks, hoses and transport tanks, and prevents scaling;
  • WOW-Air prevents odor leakage that may result in lingering foul odors and an unpleasant reputation for you;
  • WOW-Air does not require special OSHA or DOT handling requirements; and
  • Strong and long lasting, WOW-Air has a very pleasant odor while eliminating the foul ones.

Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTPs)

WWTPs are responsible for taking care of our waste water (home sewage). Many WWTPs move millions of gallons of wastewater from our toilets, sinks, baths, showers, and kitchens through their systems on a daily basis.

They treat the waste water by removing solids and bacteria then send it downstream where it will be reintroduced into the environment. WWTPs have highly skilled technicians using dangerous chemicals and equipment in ways that would amaze the general public. Safety is of the utmost concern and odor control requires special handling of dangerous chemicals in large quantities. unless of course, they use water soluble WOW-Air.

WOW-Air can be injected at any point in the wastewater treatment process without the need for specialized equipment. Employees that have received special materials handling training will be relieved by its simplicity and safety along with the plants Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Managers.


Septic Haulers Love Sulfree™
Septic Haulers Love FreshAWL® Z-FOG™
Grease Interceptor
Inline sewage grease interceptor.
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Restaurants, corporate kitchens, or hotels can also treat their waste at the source
Safe to handle and may be induced at any point in a sewage system.
drains, dishwashers, sinks, or toilets. It is safe, non-toxic, enzyme-free, and non-corrosive.
Safe to use in drains, dishwashers, washing machines, sinks, or toilets.
Utilizing FreshAWL® solutions internally will help prevent costly system back-ups, residual odor seepage, corrosion threats, and the potential for fines or possible refusal of your waste discharge by sewer system inspectors.

Portable Toilet Sanitation Firms Swear By Sulfree™

Portable Toilet Sanitation Firms Swear By FreshAWL® WOW-Air™


Why do we sometimes smell foul odors near the wastewater treatment plant?

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WWTP operators breathe Easier With FreshAWL® WOW-Air
FreshAWL® WOW-Air™ does not require special Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) handling procedures.
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