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Refinery Decoking and Descaling


Hydrocarbon Scale and Coke Buildup
FreshAWL DF-702 is a coke and scale softening agent designed to release the hydrocarbon bonding; which can make the coke and scale compounds rock hard and extremely difficult to remove even by the best of mechanical processes.

Scaling is the general term for buildup of layers which deposit on the internal pipe surface from the liquid they carry. In this instance the reference to scaling is only concerned with hydrocarbons, for scaling in water systems see water treatment system buildup of Struvite and its treatment with FreshAWL Z-AMP™. Hydrocarbon scaling either forms out of the minerals present in the crude oil or out of the water which is very often contained in it. The scale builds up on the inner surfaces of the pipe, and it slowly decreases the cross section opening of the pipe. If there are no counter measures taken, the internal pipe opening could be completely blocked over time. It is imperative to clean and remove all such residual deposits from time to time.

DF-702 is a complimentary solution for the many companies who have made their mark in the field of Industrial Services through the design and utilization of a maintenance procedure called pigging. Line pigging (or line swabbing, as it sometimes known), is the process of cleaning distribution lines by inserting a small device known as a pig into the lines and pushing it through them.
Pigging in the maintenance of pipelines refers to the practice of using pipeline inspection gauges or 'pigs' to perform various operations on a pipeline without stopping the flow of the product in the pipeline.
Removal of Cleaning Pig
The term "pigging" originated in the gas and oil industry, where metal discs connected by a rod were moved through the oil pipelines to remove buildup of paraffin wax on the internal wall of the pipe. The action of metal on metal made a squealing noise like a pig and the name stuck.

Pigging in the maintenance of pipelines refers to the practice of using pipeline inspection gauges or 'pigs' to perform various operations on a pipeline without stopping the flow of the product in the pipeline.

The DF-702 technology may be utilized to assist these companies for removing some of the worse scale and coke deposits from boiler tanks, furnace tubes and oil refineries. Otherwise these scaling problems go untouched and when the use of cleaning pigs are chosen DF-702 will ensure that all of the deposits may be easily scraped and removed from every section of the inner surface of pipes and other industrial equipment.

DF-702 assists in hydro-blasting
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Using DF-702 within the liquid stream to push the pigs through the system will also lessen the wear on the pipes and the pigs. Unlike alternative chemical additives used to reduce scale buildup, DF-702 will not change the chemistry of the hydrocarbons structures, burns cleanly and does not need to be removed before the crude processing.

Heavily obstructed pipes may have an internal opening so scaled and obstructed that a cleaning pig may not be passable for entrance. In such cases a hydro-blasting system may be employed to cut an access hole in the obstructive material. DF-702 may be added directing into the hydroblaster mixing tank where it will be drawn in by syphon to mix with the pressurized water stream.

Hydro-blasters and line flushers can create wash streams with pressures from between 10,000 - 36,000 PSI and with flows of up to 900 GPM. They are designed to provide around the clock dependability usually required to perform tough industrial cleaning jobs. DF-702 is a safe and effective solution that may be directly mixed into the hydro stream to make the hydroblaster cutting or washing faster and cleaner for grease based deposits. In fact, after a long wait time for the first hydro-cutting to open an initial access hole in a completely clogged pipe at one of our refinery clients, DF-702 was then added to the hydroblaster where the entire line was cut and flushed clean of all the residual coke and scale.

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