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Biosolids and Pond Algae Control


Compost Fields

Manufactured according to the EPA's standards for DfE, FreshAWL WOW-AIR B28™ is designed for treating wastewater treatments where high concentrations of biosolids are present such as:

  • Return Activated Sludge (RAS) Digestors
  • Compost Fields
  • Algae Overgrown Retention Ponds where a solution for odor elimination, sludge reduction and vector control is a must.

WOW-Air B28 eliminates odor resulting from hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and mercaptans—which are present in these environments—and removes the sulfates that promote the growth of pathenogenic bacteria. WOW-Air B28 also works through cell wall penetration of the wastewater sludge and algae acting to dewater the cellular contents causing structural collapse. The dewatering process significantly serves to control algae overgrowth and the choking of necessary oxygen levels. In fact the WOW-Air molecule replaces the scavenged sulfur molecules with system enriching oxygen.

Usually, compost piles/rows and trash areas are out in the open air, providing a perfect condition for bacteria to thrive, and for organics to rot and create odor. For insect control in these situations, WOW-Air B28 also inhibits insect growth by reducing the algae forests and biosolids necessary for breeding.

The key components of WOW-Air B28 will provide:

  • Effective elimination of odor caused by H2S and mercaptans.
  • Sludge reduction that leads to better dewatering, sludge handling and disposal costs.
  • Deconstruction of pathenogenic bacteria (e. coli and salmonella) which turns Class B compost into Class A income.
  • Performs under aerobic and anaerobic conditions.
  • Security that it contains NO enzymes.
  • Confidence in it being environmentally safe and 100% biodegradable.
  • Corrosion inhibition: leading to significantly longer equipment life and lower capital replacement cost.
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