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Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment Solution


Manufactured according to the EPA's standards for DfE, FreshAWL® WOW-Air B™is the clean green solution for anaerobic odor reduction and elimination.
Anaetrobic Wastwater Collectors

Most waste water treatment systems have the inherent potential to generate and release foul odors. Systems that have anaerobic conditions must treat these odors differently than aerobic conditions.

These anaerobic odor conditions occur when oxygen transfer to the wastewater is limited or unavailable such as in a force main or anaerobic digester. In the confined anaerobic state, the wastewater microbes have no dissolved oxygen available in the wastewater for respiration.

This oxygen poor condition allows microbes known as "sulfate-reducing bacteria" to thrive. These bacteria utilize the sulfate ion (SO4-) that is naturally abundant in most waters as an oxygen source for respiration. The by-product of this activity is hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

WOW-Air B binds up the available sulfur in solutions and replaces it with oxygen thereby eliminating the bacterial production of (H2S) and the resulting malodors.

FreshAWL products are organic, friendly to waste treatment system and the environment and specifically designed to remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S), selenides and mercaptans.

H2S has a low solubility in the wastewater and becomes readily offensive to the human nose as a strong, rotten-egg odor. H2S can be a health hazard even even deadly. In addition to its odor, H2S can also cause severe system corrosion problems that may result in breakages or shut-down. Due to its low solubility in the wastewater, it is released into the atmosphere in areas such as wet wells, head-works, grit chambers and primary clarifiers as well as anywhere the untreated wastewater is transferred. Given the right conditions, H2S will travel throughout the wastewater treatment plant and into surrounding areas.

FreshAWL products work quickly and specifically to bind up sulfur:

  • Beneficial bacteria are freed from the poisoning sulfur;
  • This reaction provides a natural increase in the system oxygen (O2) which optimizes the biochemical balance of treatment systems; and
  • Simply put, FreshAWL does its job, freeing the beneficial bacteria to do theirs.
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