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Intended for use in wastewater treatment facilities, the FreshAWL® WOW-Air™ Family of Wastewater Solutions virtually eliminate hydrogen sulfides (H2S), remove mercaptans, reduce selenides and is excellent at sludge reduction while being an affordable, safe and organic replacement for the harsh and expensive chemical methodologies currently in use.

Most of the odors detected in and around wastewater treatment plants are signals that the natural organic treatment process is working. Organic matter is decomposing with the assistance of good bacteria and pollutants are being removed from the wastewater. Bacterial decomposition or breakdown of waste gives off foul odors (foul odors are caused when bacteria ingest sulfur, rather than the preferred oxygen, producing the by-product H2S) that is strong enough to permeate an entire community.

In some cases H2S odor levels can reach concentrations strong enough to cause injury or death.

In normal aerobic (oxygen rich) conditions, good bacteria utilize oxygen in their natural process of respiration. There are long pipe runs and enclosed anaerobic (absence of oxygen) digesters where the bacteria substitute sulfur in place of oxygen for their respiration. The by-products of sulfate respiration are sulfides and reduced sulfur compounds such as mercaptans. Sulfides are the leading cause of the odor and corrosion problems associated with the digester processes and the formation of biosolids, which occurs when the sulfides are mixed with air and form H2S.

WOW-Air, WOW-Air B™, WOW-Air B28™ and WOW-Air S™ work quickly and specifically to bind up sulfur from the bacteria and replace it with oxygen significantly reducing or eliminating the ability to form H2S resulting in freeing up the beneficial bacteria to more efficiently break down waste. This reaction has shown a natural increase of O2 which optimizes the bio-chemical balance of treatment systems.

WOW-Air products can be induced at any point in a wastewater treatment plant system. They can be metered, poured, misted or fogged anywhere odor control, H2S removal or elimination of mercaptans and selenides or corrosion inhibition is necessary.

WOW-Air is organic, biodegradable, is non-toxic and inhibits corrosion. Used as directed It is not harmful to humans, animals or the environment.

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